Pastoral Care

Welcoming the stranger, a characteristic of the early Church, remains a permanent feature of the Church of God. Welcoming the stranger is thus intrinsic to the nature of the Church itself and bears witness to its fidelity to the gospel.

The Episcopal Conferences of Ireland and the United States work together to respond to the spiritual and pastoral care needs of Irish immigrants living in the United States. The Irish Apostolate USA and the Irish Immigration Pastoral Centers play a unique role in the life of Irish immigrants by their ability to respond to their spiritual and pastoral needs within a cultural framework.

The chaplains, religious workers, and staff respect and value the family oriented, social, cultural and spiritual heritage of Irish immigrants and provide outreach services that meet the needs and practices of the immigrants.


Irish Pastoral Centre, Boston
Fr. Dan Finn
Office: (617) 265-5300

Irish Outreach Center, San Diego
Fr. Nicholas Clavin
Office: (858) 653-3540

Irish Community Services, Chicago
Fr. Michael Madigan
Irish Immigration Services
Office: (312) 973-9034


Irish Immigration Pastoral Center,
San Francisco
Fr. Brendan McBride
Office: (415) 752-6006

Irish Immigrant Support Group, Seattle
Fr. John Madigan
(425) 778-3122

Catholic Charities/Project Irish Outreach
Sr. Christine Hennessey, NEW YORK  - Chaplain for Prisoners and Detainees

Aisling Irish Community Center, NY
990 McLean Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10467
Tel: 914-237-5121
Fax: 914-237-5172


Safeguarding Children

The Catholic Church has always demonstrated a concern for children. The Irish Apostolate USA is committed to ensuring that children served by our organizations are not at risk of sexual abuse by the Church personnel. All of the priests involved in pastoral care have been cleared by their arch/dioceses for ministry on a yearly basis.

In addition, the Irish Apostolate USA complies with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ policy on safeguarding children, for all staff and volunteers.

Read the entire document, Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People Essential Norms, Statement of Episcopal Commitment, Revised June 2018.